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Degree Requirements


BBA program will be a 4 years program.
The students will be required to complete forty-one courses, a Dissertation, two internships and a viva-voce examination. Thirty five of these courses will be compulsory and six will be optional. In case a student does not do Dissertation, he/she will have to study two more optional courses instead. Each course will be of 3 credit hours.


Students will be required to do 2 internships in-between 4 to 8 semesters. The internships will be compulsory but non credit hour and will be treated as equal to 1 credit hour. The grading will be based on student's work, conduct and knowledge as reported by the concerned organization and the faculty of the department based on written report by the student and interview by the faculty.


A student will have to opt for either a Dissertation (06 credits) or take two optional courses (06 credits), during the final year of the degree. The details are as following:-

I. A student shall register for a Dissertation (03 credits) or optional courses in the seventh semester. The dissertation will be registered as "Dissertation-I". It will consist of the following:-

• Development of Research Proposal, Methodology (01 credit)
• Literature Review and Research Design (01 credit)
• Report Writing and Seminar (01 credit)

Note: Data collection could be done during semester break.

II. The students will have to register a dissertation (of 3 credits) in 8th semester as "Dissertation-II". It consists of analysis of data, writing and defense of thesis.

Viva-Voce Examination

After completion of the required course work and internships, a student will appear for the viva-voce examination. Viva-Voce examination will be treated as equal to 01 credit hour and reflected in the GPA and DMC.


A student will be eligible for the degree of MBA/ MPA to have completed successfully 20 courses, an internship, Written Comprehensive Examination and Viva-Voce Examination.

The Department offers 14 compulsory courses and 6 optional courses. Each taught course has 3 credits (3 hours /week) where 1 credit is equal to 50 marks. Optional courses have to be selected from a list of courses offered during the last two semesters. Besides this, a student is allowed to take non-credit courses as he/she may wish. Students can also cross a maximum of two courses with other discipline MBA /MPA as the case may be.


Every student has to spend at least six to eight weeks in any public or private organization during summer vacations after the third semester. The objective is to give students exposure to practical work environment. Students are required to produce an internship report at the end. Internship carries one compulsory credit.

After the successful completion of 20 courses, a written comprehensive examination is held. The comprehensive Exam carries one compulsory credit and is a prerequisite for viva-voce examination.


The final exam for the completion of degree is the viva-voce examination. The viva-voce is conducted by a panel of teachers from the Department as well as external examiners.  The viva-voce is for one compulsory credit.


M.Phil degree will be awarded after successful completion of the following requirements:

a. Course work of 24 credits and a dissertation of 26 credits.
b. Dissertation based on research shall normally be completed by the end of the fourth semester and beyond, if permitted to continue. The progress reports will be submitted towards the end of the third and fourth semesters. The admission will be revoked in case of two consecutive unsatisfactory reports.
c. A minimum of 2.5 CGPA is required to complete the degree.
d. In case of recommendation of the supervisor, extension may be provided from 4 - 6 semesters, only.


Ph.D. degree will be awarded after successful completion of the following requirements:

a. Complete 18 credit hours within four semesters. b. Students, with incomplete M.Phil / MS or MS from abroad have to complete 42 credit hour courses (24+18) within six semesters. c. Minimum period for completion of Ph.D is 3 years and maximum period is 7 years.

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