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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

BBA |MBA | MPA | MPhil | PhD

BBA Courses

Compulsory Courses

BB- 201  Freshmen English - 1
BB-202   Freshmen English - II
BB-203   Oral Communication
BB-204  Business Communications
BB-205   Principles of Accounting
BB-207   Cost Accounting
BB-208   Fundamentals of Finance
BB-209   Financial Management
BB-210   Money & Banking
BB-211   Principles of Marketing
BB-212   Marketing Management
BB-213   Consumer Behavior
BB-214   Principles of Management
BB-215   Organizational Behavior
BB-216   Entrepreneurship
BB-217   Human Resource Management
BB-218   Strategic Management
BB-219   Operations Management
BB-220   Computer Applications to Business
BB-221   Management Information Systems
BB-222   Pakistan & Islamic Studies
BB-223   Psychology
BB-224   Sociology
BB-225   Business Ethics
BB-226   Pakistan Economy
BB-227   Language
BB-228   Business Mathematics - I
BB-229   Business Mathematics - II
BB-230   Business Statistics - I
BB-231   Business Statistics - II
BB-232   Business Economics - I
BB-233   Business Economics - II
BB-234   Business Law
BB-235   Business Research Methods


In addition to above

  Two Internships
  Viva Voce

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