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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

BBA |MBA | MPA | MPhil | PhD

MBA Courses

Compulsory Courses

PA-401  Principles of Public Administion
PA-402  Principles of Accounting & Audi
PA-403  Organizational Communication
PA-404  Math. & Statistics for Management
PA-405  Marketing for Non-Profit Sector
PA-406  Organization Theory & Behavior
PA-407  Research Methods & Reporting Writing
PA-408  Public Finance
PA-409  Economic Analysis
PA-410  Computer Application in Management
PA-411  Principles of Management
PA-411  Principles of Management
PA-412  Human Resource Management
PA-413  Public Administration in Pakistan
PA-414  Public Policy Analysis
PA-415  Internship
PA-416  Comprehensive
PA-417  Viva-Voce


Optional Courses

PA-301  Decision Making in non-profit sector
PA-302  Operation Research
PA-303  Essentials of Banking & Finance
PA-304  Financial Management
PA-305  Project Management
PA-306  Credit Management
PA-307  Information System Management
PA-308  System Analysis and Design
PA-309  Financial Institutions
PA-310  Advertising and Media Management
PA-311  Agricultural Marketing
PA-312  Management Analysis
PA-313  System Application Process
PA-314  Comparative Public Administration
PA-315  Local Government in Pakistan
PA-316  Seminar in Public Management
PA-317  Advance Administrative Management
PA-318  Development Administration
PA-319  Human Resource Development
PA-320  Employee Relations
PA-321  Public Relations
PA-322  Public Budgeting
PA-323  Administrative Ecology
PA-324  Development Economics
PA-325  Constitutional and Administrative Law
PA-326  Islamic Administration
PA-327  Administration of Islamic Economics System
PA-328  Computer based Management Information system
PA-329  Tourism and Hospitality Manage
PA-330  Energy Management
PA-331  Government Auditing
PA-332  Entrepreneurship
PA-333  International Banking and Finance
PA-334  Computer Integrated Software Package

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